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to chicago. sam has the latest. breaking this morning, peanut butter crackdown. the government shuts down an entire factory, after the company repeatedly shipped out unsafe food, causing widespread salmonella outbreaks. a jaw-dropping near-miss caught on tape. watch as this 16-month-old runs across the carpet right there. just seconds before this car crashes into his father's jewelry store, smashing everything in its path. we'll hear from the family this morning. and the young star of one of tv's big et hits, publicly trashes his own show, in a controversial video shot inside his trailer, right on-set. >> please, stop watching it. please, stop filling your head with filth. >> why the 19-year-old star of "two and a half men," says he's slamming the sitcom that pays him millions, right now.
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good morning, america. hello to robin. as you know, she's home recovering right now. it's great to have amy robach here. and how about the cyber monday numbers coming in. americans spending record amounts shopping online. will this be a much-needed jolt for the economy. we're going to dig into the numbers this morning. and speaking of money. powerball fever, overloading machines, causing them to break down. we have the latest on the multimillion-dollar jackpot. and tips from a seven-time winner. seriously, he's won seven times. >> i'll be taking notes. >> pick the right numbers. back to you. >> he's on a roll. i have to focus here. this is important. turning heads this morning, anna nicole smith's 6-year-old daughter, dannielynn, following in her mother's footsteps, modeling for guess.
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we'll hear from her and her dad. >> she looks exactly like anna nicole smith. >> and he looks tired. thank you for getting up with us. we're going to keep you up, though. they're here, the muppets, live. i hear they're taking over the control room. >> on the right side. not the left side. the right side. my left side is pretty good. >> they always take over the control room. first, let's get to sam and the snow making for a nuisance in the rush hour. >> it is a nuisance snow. some folks won't get the snow until the drive home. we begin with the line of moisture, from the gulf coast all the way to southern new england here. with that, there's a little intrusion of cold air. that's where the snow starts to kick out. pennsylvania, southern new england and connecticut. if we line it out, who gets what? if you're in the areas shaded in pink, you're getting two to three inches of snow by the time we get to the evening hours. it's more on your drive time home than this morning. but already, we have glazing on the road surfaces.
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just a nuisance snow. but here's what most of the country will be talking about, as you step outside the doors and make your way to the car, the bus, the train. rapid city, 14 degrees. bismarck, 15 degrees. denver, 19 degrees. oklahoma city, and even amarillo, near the 20s. there's a big pocket of cold air. we'll show you how long that lasts in regular weather. let's get to josh. lots of other stories this morning. >> we're going to begin with the major jolt for the u.s. economy. americans are opening their wallets and spending again. and doing so in record numbers. weekend "gma" anchor, bianna golodryga, here to explain it all. >> reporter: the numbers out this morning are eye-opening. americans spent a record $1.5 billion on cyber monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year. sales were up 28%, compared to the same day last year. and that's especially remarkable considering the record number of shoppers we saw getting an early start over the holiday weekend. amazon enjoyed what could be one of its busiest days in history.
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this is what it looked like inside 1 of the company's 80 order fulfillment centers. a warehouse in phoenix with miles of conveyor belts. americans are seeing the economy and the housing market slowly improving. but we have four more weeks of holiday shopping. whether the sales numbers can hold up, remains to be scene. >> cautious optimism. thank you for that, bianna. here's another piece of good news for the economy this morning. after trying and failing twice, european leaders have finally struck a deal to bail out greece, whose failing economy had been a huge concern for the stock market. and now, to the crisis in egypt. a key american ally in the middle east, which today, is bracing for more turmoil. thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets today, throwing rocks, clashing with police. they're furious that their new president, mohamed morsi, has declared authority over the country's court system. morsi has tried to soften his position, saying the apparent
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power-grab is only temporary. but concerns of widespread violence is so serious, a group of morsi supporters canceled a rally, fearing they would enrage the crowds even more. and susan rice, president obama's likely replacement for hillary clinton as secretary of state. rice will sit down with three top republicans who claim that her comments in september about that attack in september on the u.s. consulate in libya, were misleading. john mccain, chief among those critics. but he backed from his threat to derail rice's nomination. and dramatic video in florida. a fisherman spotted in the water. you can see here, clinging to a cooler. he had been holding on for some seven hours without a life jacket, after a large wave took out his boat. his brother was also thrown overboard. thankfully, he was able to swim to shore and get help. both brothers, good news here,
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recovering this morning. and a frightening scene high over sydney australia. a construction crane caught fire and forced police to evacuate thousands of people from nearby buildings. and it's a good thing they did because the crane's massive arm eventually collapses, use can see here, on to the roof. the company that owns the crane you see, also owns the one that collapsed here in new york, during hurricane sandy. and finally, we have been told not to cry over spilt milk. wasn't the case here, though. farmers upset that milk prices have gotten so low, they got the world's attention by spraying down riot police outside the european parliament in brussels belgium. the officers' tear gas no match for the fresh milk. and more milk protesting is expected today. let's hope they can work that out before it's too late. >> a messy scene. all right, josh. thanks so much. now, to the government shutdown of the biggest organic peanut butter plant in the
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company. it's the same company that made peanut butter that sickened people in 20 states this year. and it was all set to reopen today, until this drastic federal order. abc's jim avila has the latest. jim? >> reporter: good morning, amy. this is a new, much more aggressive side of the fda we're seeing. making history, using new powers to shut down a business the government thinks is dangerous, without going to court. fda inspectors describe a horror show of a peanut butter plant in new mexico. a facility with a history of trouble. this morning, now shut down after a widespread salmonella outbreak that sickened 41 people in 20 states. the fda finding salmonella throughout. no hand-washing sinks. leaks that left water accumulating on the floor. and open doors that could allow pests to enter. >> there was a reasonable possibility of serious injury or death to consumers from consuming products that were coming out of this facility. >> reporter: this is the first time the fda has used new powers
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from a law passed just last year. to shutter a company it says is a continuing health risk. the government says it will not allow the country's largest organic peanut butter producer to reopen, until it says, sunland no longer has a reasonable probability of causing serious health consequences or death to humans. 8-year-old nate was one of those who ate sunland peanut butter sold at trader joe's. and feels he paid the price. >> it felt very painful. the stomach cramps. i was screaming loud. and i was saying, why does this happen to me? >> reporter: and this morning, food safety groups are hailing the shutdown as a warning to food companies that the new power granted the fda is not just for show. >> this gives us hope that fda is prepared to act aggressively and protect consumers. >> reporter: perhaps the most serious charge is that sunland continued to sell
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salmonella-contaminated products after they failed tests for the disease. sunland tells abc news, that's not true. saying it did not knowingly sell tainted peanuts or peanut butter. and they're asking for an immediate hearing. the company says it continues the implementation of all corrective actions. but they will not reopen today, as planned. george? >> a lot to resolve at that hearing. we're counting down to the fiscal cliff. over a month to go before everyone's taxes go up. both sides set to meet with business leaders this week. the company will take his campaign on the road, too, as more republicans appear willing to bend on their no new taxes pledge. jon karl is in washington. even though the president has been calling congressional leaders, they haven't made enough progress for another face-to-face negotiation. >> reporter: there's no face-to-face meeting even scheduled now between the president and congressional leaders. but i can tell you that high-level talks with staff are intensifying, with time running out. and republicans are expressing a newfound willingness to compromise on that long-standing
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republican pledge never to raise taxes. >> the pledge was designed -- >> reporter: meet the anti-tax enforcer. the man behind the pledge. grover norquist. >> republicans who vote for a tax increase are rat heads in a coke bottle. they damage the brand for everyone else. >> reporter: ronald reagan was part of the first pledge. and no republican has been elected without signing that no tax increase pledge. how many of these things have been signed? >> pledges? >> reporter: yes. >> thousands over the years. >> reporter: he keeps them all on file. here's john boehner's pledge, signed 20 years ago. if somebody signed this 10 years ago, 18 years ago, 20 years ago, are they still bound by it? >> when you got married, did you wife think there was an expiration date on that pledge? >> reporter: he says anybody is doomed. but with the fiscal cliff just months away, and a re-elected
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barack obama insisting that tax increases must be part of any budget deal, key republicans are now talking about ditching the pledge. >> i'm not obligated on the pledge. >> i will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country, only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> reporter: even republicans who say they are willing to violate the pledge say they will only do so by closing loopholes, not by doing what the president wants to do, which is raising tax rates. >> so, the sides, still far apart. meanwhile, we heard about susan rice, the ambassador going up to capitol hill today, to meet with many of her critics. and it does appear that some of the critics, at least senator john mccain, are softening their position just a bit. >> reporter: just a bit. she's going to go right into the lion's den. she's meeting not just with john mccain but with lindsey graham. both said they would do anything in their power to stop her nomination. but with this meeting coming up,
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they have softened that a bit. but far short of saying they would support her for secretary of state. now, to a recommendation by the nation's leading group of pediatricians that's sure to be controversial. the american academy of pediatrics is saying that doctors should prescribe morning-after pills to girls under 17, before they need them, just in case they risk becoming pregnant in the future. let's bring in our medical editor, dr. richard besser. let's talk about the specifics of the recommendation. what's changed? what's stayed the same? >> what hasn't changed. by law, in all 50 states, a girl younger than 17, needs to have a prescription to get the morning-after pill. what changed is the academy of pediatrics has told pediatricians, don't wait until a emergency. describe it to your girls right now. >> a lot of the pros and cons. what are the pros and cons? >> we have the highest teen pregnancy rate among industrialized nations. while it's getting better, it's
7:13 am
not getting better fast enough. if someone has this in hand, they're more than likely to use it. that's a good thing. some parents and pediatricians say it might encourage risky behavior. but all signs have shown it doesn't change what a girl will do as far as sex. >> where do you come down on this? >> every major medical association, says this should be over the counter, like aspirin. and i agree with that. but it shouldn't substitute for conversations between parents and children and doctors and children, about smart sexual behavior. i think it's a good thing to have it. but if a girl has unprotected sex, she needs to see her pediatrician for those issues. important things to do. >> very important, indeed. we're going to turn to the stunning near-miss caught on tape. the driver, 84 years old. the toddler in her path, less than 2. thank goodness, everyone is okay. and abc's rob nelson has the harrowing story. >> reporter: a surveillance camera catches this 16-month-old
7:14 am
toddler as he runs into his family's store and goes into his dad's office. but no one could have seen this coming. just seconds later, the silver car comes crashing through the jewelry store, destroying everything in its path, stopping in the exact spot where the boy had been just a moment earlier. the little boy's dad, marion harklerode, who owns that store, looked on in horror. >> i saw him kind of buckle backwards. you know? and he flew backwards. you know? i mean, airborne. >> brother, calleb, was inside the store, at the moment of impact. >> nobody knew what had just happened. i mean, it was -- it was just chaos. >> reporter: police sources say the driver was an 84-year-old woman who mistakenly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, while parking her car. >> by the time i got back on my feet, my oldest son, calleb harkleroad, had already reacted. i keep saying it over and over,
7:15 am
but he is my hero. he got to my baby before i could. >> reporter: the toddler had landed in an area with no debris. and he was not injured. >> we're thankful to god. and i feel like the angels were here, protecting all of us. >> reporter: for the family, an attitude of gratitude. sources say the driver of the car was not injured and is being charged with reckless driving. she had another incident two months ago. efforts are under way to revoke her license. >> thanks very much. now, we're going to turn to amy over here. she made a startling confession yesterday. she has never bought a powerball ticket, no matter how high the jackpot gets. it's $425 million and climbing. >> it's all over. >> i went on a deal with four others. so, sorry. split four ways.
7:16 am
and i went for this one after speaking to a man who i feel like might have given me pretty good guidance. he's won multiple, seven, lottery jackpots. take a look. the powerball frenzy, causing ticket machines to go on the fritz. >> they need to get the system up. >> reporter: overnight, georgia lottery officials blaming software updates for slow machines near atlanta. while in florida and georgia, lines almost out the door. still, this morning, despite frustrations and even with those 1 in 175 million odds of winning, record numbers of people are playing. >> winner. i am a winner. >> i'd like to win it all. >> reporter: one reason, the jackpot has defied its own odds. an unheard of 16 drawings without a winner. ticket sales tomorrow could top $214 million. >> there you go. and good luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: while lottery officials and basic math say it's impossible to increase your
7:17 am
odds, people love to try. that's where richard lustig comes in. >> people can win. >> reporter: he's defied the odds. not once. but seven times. writing a book about his jackpot. his unscientific suggestions, pick your own numbers. don't let the machine pick for you. and do your research. check online to see if your numbers are won. i choose my numbers. and i go on. do i keep those numbers? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and he says, buy, buy, buy. >> buy as many tickets as you can afford. >> reporter: even lottery officials agree with that one. the more tickets sold, the better odds someone will win. will it be me? >> where do i play powerball? after a few first-time player hiccups? five down here and one down here? is that what he said? i'm ready for my jackpot. $425 million.
7:18 am
one of these. and here they are. >> we had a little underline. buy as many as you can afford. >> make sure you have that taken care of before you buy these. >> good luck. >> good luck to you, sam. >> that's my savings plan. is that wrong? is that -- that's not -- let's get to the boards. we showed you where the snowy side was on the cold front that extends all the way from -- the tip of the country, well up toward the northland. but in the southern sections, this will be a little active weather. it's not severe weather. but there are some strong storms. you will kick off an inch of rain. from new orleans, to tallahas e tallahassee, atlanta, you're involved. that will be the first hit of getting colder temperatures in the southeast. but for all the folks who are tweeting us saying they're not ready for cold air, the warm air bounces back. minneapolis by friday, 44. chicago's 50. kansas city. denver's 70 by friday.
7:19 am
warm air's back in play.
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and coming up on "gma," the latest on the million dollar lottery murder trial. this woman is charged of swindling a winner out of all of his cash and then killing him. and the 19-year-old star of one of tv's biggest hits slams his own show. calling it filth. why he's telling people to turn off the smash hit. and -- >> i don't want to look like a clown. >> you look nice, piggy. >> nice? just nice? more makeup. >> yeah. take the shine off the swine. >> what? i heard him. >> more makeup.
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exclusively at neiman marcus and target from december 1st. good morning a sea of blue is expected at a redwood city high school in morning following the death of a student to honor 14-year-old leyla beban hit and killed while riding her bike too school yesterday weather may have been to blame there was heavy fog in the neighborhood. >> sue is following the commute. >> fortunately, fog is not a huge factor, metering lights on at the bay bridge toll and we had an earlier stall on the upper deck on the right lane that has been cleared. not a problem in the san francisco -- earlier accident westbound san mateo bridge past toll has been
7:25 am
cleared, sluggish towards foster city and the san mateo side. >> when we come back
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one more day to prepare before heavy rain heads our way tomorrow. vollmer peak now plenty of clouds 46 livermore, 55 on the coast, visibility is better it
7:28 am
has been reduced this morning in parts of our north bay, 2 1/2 mile visibility napa, mile and a quarter in novato plenty of cloud cover today, lower
7:29 am
the war of 1812 was fought against whom? >> the british. >> very good. 2-1, jake. >> no fair. my buzzer is broken. [ laughter ] >> little angus t. jones. you see him with jon cryer and charlie sheen. they've made "two and a half
7:30 am
men" popular, and a lot of money, too. angus is 19 now and he is slamming "two and a half men" calling to viewers to stop watching it. good morning, everyone. amy robach in for robin as she's recovering at home. interesting thing, he is still working on the show. >> should be an interesting day at work. >> jon cryer must be wondering what's happening. >> why am i the normal one? we're going to turn to a disturbing story, one day before the powerball jackpot. a woman on trial for murder, accused of cheating a lottery winner out of his millions. dan and nancy are weighing in live. and like mother like daughter story that you have to see, anna nicole smith's 6-year-old daughter, dannielynn, following in mom's footsteps. we're going to hear from her and her dad in an abc news exclusive. you all remember the guess? ads, well, guess who is in them now?
7:31 am
also, the muppets and dolly parton, reuniting. they're going to take over "good morning america" all morning long. i whole lot coming up this tuesday morning. let's get right to the lottery murder trial in florida. dee dee moore is accused of swindling a jackpot winner out of millions before shooting him in cold blood. steve osunsami is covering it all. >> i wouldn't trust dee dee moore as far as i can throw her. >> reporter: harsh words. from the sheriff who threw dee dee moore in jail after police found the body of lottery winner abraham shakespeare buried in moore's back yard and covered in concrete. >> the person that convinced him that she was there for his best interest is dee dee. >> reporter: in november 2006 abe shakespeare went from washing dishes and working garbage trucks to the good life. when he walked into this minimart and bought the quick pick ticket that won him $17 million. >> will walk the street like a normal person.
7:32 am
i have people coming up, asking for money. >> reporter: by 2009, he had burnt through much of the money, paying off the mortgages of families and friends. that's when he met dee dee moore. >> are you a murderer? >> no. moore had a different look in court monday but she's always maintained it was a business relationship, where she promised to manage his money and make it last. here she is two years ago, saying she did nothing wrong. >> every bit of the money was done properl lyproperly, profes there's no jury that's going to convict me. they're saying that i took a gun, put it up and killed another human being. and i would never, ever, ever, ever do that. >> reporter: but authorities now say shakespeare was shot twice in the chest by a .38 caliber pistol that belonged to moore. and there's this surveillance, from a florida walmart where police say she's rushing to buy large amounts of trash bags, duct tape and plastic sheeting.
7:33 am
and what was she doing in his mansion and spending his money while he was missing. >> and you know i'm not the one. >> who did, dee dee? >> reporter: investigators say she keeps changing her story. the jury that could decide this case should be seated this afternoon. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> for more now, let's bring in our legal team nancy grace is host of "hln nancy grace" and dan abrams, "gma" legal analyst. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> so much to work for prosecutors. so much evidence. what do you focus on when you head into trial? >> well, you know, as we're going into trial, i think the first thing that the state's got to do is humanize the victim, abraham shakespeare. he was uneducated, illiterate. got some dumb luck. won a $17 million lottery quick pick ticket and his life changed forever. and i think a lot of people, including me, can identify with suddenly your life changing. ball your bills are paid you
7:34 am
think everything is going to be great then he runs into dee dee moore. i would immediately then hit on her four stories that his lawyer killed him. that her 14-year-old son killed him. that a drug dealer killed abraham shakespeare. and that she killed him in self-defense. you know what? one of those stories would have worked, dee dee. but not all four. >> beyond that, you've got her statements. you've got her actions. you've got ballistics. >> you've got a gun. >> you've got surveillance. i mean, you have just about every type of evidence that would be relevant in a case here against her. very often, we will be covering these cases and say, there's no motive. there's a motive here. there's no ballistics. we have ballistics here. it goes on and on and on. >> right. >> this is going to be a very tough case. >> sounds like a slam dunk case for the prosecution. >> this is a very strong case for the prosecution. >> this is florida. you never know what's going to happen. after the tot mom, casey anthony verdict, i don't know what's going to happen.
7:35 am
i've got to say, she is very convincing. now, her lawyer is not going to want her to take the stand, i can tell you that. she's going to try to claim mental incompetency a couple weeks ago. the judge swatted that down. she might overrule her lawyer and take the stand. i can't wait to see that. >> let's talk about how the defense deals with all of this. it is a tough case for them to defend. >> look, i don't know how they're going to defend it. what they're going to have to do is attack every individual piece of evidence, right? they're going to have to say the ballistics aren't that definitive. let's separate that out from the surveillance tape which doesn't necessarily show her buying incriminating items, just duct tape and other items that may be relevant. >> when's the last time you bought duct tape and sheet metal at the walmart? never? how about she doesn't contest the evidence. how about she accepts the evidence. embraces the evidence and goes with self-defense?
7:36 am
that would be a lot easier row to hoe for the defense attorney. >> nancy,is a first degree murder case. prosecutors, though, are not seeking the death penalty. why do you think -- why wouldn't they? >> i don't know. that is a mystery, wrapped in a conundrum for me. this is a death penalty case for sure because not only did she kill him, according to the state, but catch this. she tortured his family by saying he went into hiding. and she would send these fake texts and letters to the mother, even call -- putting somebody up to calling the mother, state's witness number one, and pretending to be the son. so she tortured the family, all these months, nearly a year. >> just because it could be a death penalty case and it's death penalty-eligible, doesn't mean you have to pursue the death penalty in every murder case. >> she is cold-blooded. i will quote my friend, timothy. the love of money is the root of all evil, dan.
7:37 am
>> but, you know, i have to say, seeing in florida in a case where they don't seek the death penalty in a murder case can be refreshing. >> all right, dan, nancy, we'll leave it at that. thanks to both of you. appreciate it. time to get a check of the weather and sam champion. sam? >> what a rough day of fog on the west coast yesterday. we'll show you pictures from san francisco. where the visibility was less than a tenth of a mile. now that went all the way to the coast. l.a., san diego, involved in that fog yesterday, as well. took until noon to burn through that stuff. today, we know there will be more fog on the west coast. we're hoping it's not as widespread and it burns off earlier. take a look at the flow here, san francisco kind of coming up the coastline. portland, at 51. seattle at 48. san francisco at 62 today. you start with coastal fog, as well. here's that cold air settling in the great lakes and the northeast. this wants to stay for at least three days. then, we'll get a warm-up. look at the temperatures for you. new york city, 39, 42 on wednesday, 42 on thursday as well. detroit, 36 today, 38 and then 40. after this, we'll get some milder air. that milder air we showed you
7:38 am
last half hour in the middle of the country, starts to swing in the northeast. unti >> all of that weather was brought to you by toys "r" us. the crowded desk, ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you, sam. all right. coming up, we're going to talk about why the 19-year-old star of one of tv's most popular shows is calling it filth and begging people to stop watching. plus, the startling, new pictures of halle berry's ex. bruised after his brawl with her
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and there's juicy chicken best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear best foods. bring out the best all right. back now, at 7:43, with a big controversy for one of the most popular shows on tv.
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the 19-year-old star of "two and a half men," shocking everyone, by publicly dissing the show. pleading with people not to watch. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: he's the young star on one of television's hottest sitcoms. the half on "two and a half men." >> yeah. well, it's hard to stay angry when you smoke as much pot as we do. >> truth. >> reporter: it turns out, all those pot jokes and sexual innuendos, aren't so funny to angus t. jones in real life. >> i'm on "two and a half men" and i don't want to be on it. please, stop watching it. please, stop filling your head with filth. >> reporter: the 19-year-old star is trashing his own show in this controversial youtube video. an interview he filmed with an online religious group called forerunner chronicles. >> people say it's just entertainment. it's bad news. it's bad news. >> reporter: jones says he never drank and remains a virgin. but that in high school, he did
7:44 am
smoke marijuana and tried acid. recently, he began attending a seventh day adventist church and has a new found mission. >> if i'm doing any harm, i don't want to be here. i don't want to contribute to the enemy's plans. >> you tried to drown me. >> no, they didn't. he managed to get himself baptized. >> reporter: now, after signing a new one-year contract in may, reportedly earning him $300,000 per episode, jones says he no longer wants his job. >> because people will see us. and be, like, oh, i can be a christian and be on a show like "two and a half men." you can't. >> reporter: can you actually turn around and walk away? >> if he were to walk away, he would likely be sued for breach of contract. >> you can't be a true god-fearing person and be on a television show like that. >> reporter: neither his agent nor warner brothers is commenting. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles.
7:45 am
>> it might be a couple uncomfortable days at work. >> couple weeks maybe. coming up, guess who. anna nicole smith's 6-year-old daughter, dannielynn, following in mom's footsteps. we're going to hear from her and her father in an abc news exclusive. >> that's great stuff. also, "play of the day." a warehouse about to get in the holiday spirit. you're never going to believe how. sam, you do the honors. >> freeze it. >> thank you. the moment when forever begins. kay jewelers presents the ring that lives up to the moment. neil lane bridal -- from hollywood's premier jewelry designer. the setting has to be perfect. it's where the diamond lives. [ female announcer ] uniquely beautiful, hand-crafted rings. with diamonds hand-selected by kay. the newest reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america. neil lane bridal. forever begins here. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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7:48 am
7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> and once again, just late. just that late. we're getting back in the swing of things after thanksgiving. holiday season upon us, as you can hear, ready for christmas. here's a twist on a holiday classic. employees at alphabet
7:50 am
photograph. doing their take on "carol of the bells." take a look. ♪ >> wow. very good. >> this is great. >> eight weeks of preparation. >> i'll bet. does their boss know about it? >> no work was done. look how productive they've been. >> all of the free publicity. >> 'tis the season. great camaraderie. i love it. >> what do you think, huh? >> really good. >> we should come up with our own version. >> what's going on over here? >> we'd like to call this carol of the bowls. ♪ >> go, chef. >> go, chef. swedish chef. muppets taking over times
7:51 am
square. dolly parton's here. where are you going, people? >> dolly parton, next. dolly parton. [ female announcer ] she did a full day at the office, went home and fed her family. now she's helping her community. no wonder it's hard to focus on her own needs. but she's got one a day women's, a complete multivitamin with key nutrients women may need all in one pill. because our focus is you.
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7:55 am
good morning i'mer rick
7:56 am
thomas. milpitas police have closed -- closed a major intersection. the suspect jumped out and began shooting at the officer he was not hit. police don't know whether they wonqhe suspect. meteorologist lisa argen has the bay area forecast. plenty cloudy, 54 oakland, 49 san jose visibility a problem in parts of our valley, not as bad as yesterday another dry day to prepare for a big rain tomorrow, cool with low 60s. back-up at bay bridge couple earlier stalls one on the incline one behind the toll now cleared traffic stopped behind the toll, fastrak and carpool lanes are getting by fine. san jose north 17 to southbound 280
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:00 am
wow. the muppets on "gma"? oh, no. >> now, it's bad morning america. >> yeah. >> no, no. waldorf. no, it's not. >> it's good morning, america. yes. >> you took the words out of my mouth, miss piggy. good morning. >> it's great to have miss piggy and kermit here. thanks for stopping by. >> and pepe, too. we should mention. >> it's hot morning america, over here. >> pepe is on the prowl. we'll just say. >> go away, pepe. we should mention, coming up here on "gma," we also have the latest on the sizzling showdown on "dancing with the stars." mirr mirrorball champ, donald driver, joining us with his expert take.
8:01 am
what else, lara? >> pitching themselves for next season, miss piggy and her partner, pepe, with a very tricky move. look at the triple-lindy lift. take a look. >> la, la, la, la, la. >> pepe, are you okay? >> people wanted to see moi dancing. >> i think pepe only wants to see lara. >> you're so light on your moves. >> very, very -- >> it's the prawn toss, is what it was. >> make sure there's an appetizer after this. >> good advice. anna nicole smith's 6-year-old daughter, dannielynn,
8:02 am
following in mom's model footsteps. a brand-new campaign for guess, the company that first introduced us to her mother. we're going to hear from her and dad. they are standing by. an abc news exclusive. looking forward to that. and also, dolly parton is here live, as well. she's opening up about her life, looks and regrets, in her brand-new book. and she's going to sing, too, guys. "gma" is the place where all the stars come to talk. guess who is on later this week? it's an exclusive with superstar brad pitt. did i just say the biggest name of all, brad pitt? >> brad pitt? yes! i am not going anywhere. why do i have to wait until thursday. i'm going to stay right here. can we have news first, miss piggy? >> all right. >> thank you to all. especially you, pepe. we're going to begin with the battle over your money in washington.
8:03 am
talk of new taxes, with that so-called fiscal cliff at year's end. more republicans say they are willing to go back on their long-standing pledge not to raise new taxes, but only if they can close tax loopholes. they're opposed to hiring actual tax rates. white house and congressional negotiators are expected to consider new limits on the deduction, which the housing industry is promising to fight. a stunning breach at the nation's busiest airplane. this video shot by a passenger. it shows a woman in the parking lot, at hartsfield jackson airport, throwing a bag to a worker on the other side, a few feet from the runway. the bag got stuck. worker climbs up and retrieves it. no word on what is inside the bag. but security experts say what's most alarming is neither person
8:04 am
seems worried about getting caught. authorities are still trying to identify the couple in that video. and the big story overseas, in egypt, where thousands of protesters are clashing with police. they furious over president mohamed morsi's declaration over the court system, fearful that the democracy they fought for could be slipping away. in medical news, warning about the dangers of consuming grapefruit while taking certain medications. researchers say taking prescription drugs with grapefruit can cause harmful or fatal interactions. those interactions involve at least 85 different oral medications including pills for heart problems, pain and psychiatric conditions. you can find a list of those drugs on and a los angeles judge has granted halle berry's former boyfriend a restraining order against her fiance.
8:05 am
gabrielle aubry is sporting two black eyes after a thanksgiving day fight with french actor olivier martinez. here's diane sawyer with a preview of "world news." good morning, diane. >> good morning, josh. do you know there's secret clues that your body is giving about your inner health? the shape of your ears? what is it saying about your heart. the length of your arms. what is that saying about heart health? be sure to watch tonight on "world news." and a stunning scene. would you swim in this water? take a look. a beach in australia. the water turning blood-red, thanks to an algae bloom. fortunately, it is closed to swimmers. and we'll show you when it turns back to regular water. >> it is 2012. >> i'm not swimming in blood-red algae water. it was lovely. >> in a very red way. >> it is like pepe's hair. >> that was in honor of pepe. >> yeah.
8:06 am
should we get started with "pop news" and see if we can get through this? oh, you're popping already. let's do it, everybody. and we begin with coldplay. say it ain't so. at a show in brisbane, frontman, chris martin, told the audience this will be their last big show for three years. they went out with a bang. the show had fireworks, giant inflatable balls, glowing lights and lasers. if you're a big coldplay fan, as i know i am, there are three more shows at the end of the year before they go. so, you have to -- do you have a follow-up already, sam? >> do the -- were the butterflies okay? >> no butterflies were okay in the show. coldplay. yes. they do have three more shows. one in connecticut. and two in brooklyn. are you ready to pop again? >> yeah. let's pop. we're all morning people here, whether we like it or not.
8:07 am
we have to be up remarkably early. can i help you? >> i'm just reading the copy. >> that's not the copy. eyes up. >> then, i'm looking at your legs. >> a new study out of britain says at least 50% of people, men and women alike, can't bear talking to anyone for at least an hour and 15 minutes from the time they wake up. 21% even ignore their kids. not to worry, though. half of the grumpy morning people -- >> go on. >> half of the people surveyed say they become nicer -- after they've had a cup of coffee. >> i think it depends on who you wake up next to. >> i'm sure that plays a part. and finally, pepe, you have some competition in a little fella named sloopy.
8:08 am
sloopy the chihuahua. sloopy is going to give pepe a run for his money. that's sloopy staking his broom thing. >> look at that bootee. >> sloopy's inspiration is not the beat of the conga. nope. it's turkey. sloopy wanted the leftovers from thanksgiving so badly, he was willing to dance for it. >> wow. >> and his moves are paying off. sloopy got a big helping. and that video has gone viral. >> sloopy got back. >> that was real? >> that was real. >> not on a loop? >> that was real. >> can they give the dog some turkey. >> if we had seen further, the dog would have gotten to the turkey. can you throw to sam and the weather? >> sure. where do you want me to throw him? >> we have a little pop quiz. >> okay. go ahead. >> we asked, who said this?
8:09 am
i never know what will come out of my mouth. and it's horrible. the actor is one of the hottest stars in one of the biggest movie franchises out there. any guesses? >> roseanne barr. >> that's not it. but we'll get to it after we throw to sam. >> let's do the weather, my friend. >> all right. we're outside, everybody. it's a little bit of misty, spitty drizzle. nothing really snowy about it. good morning, ladies. how are you? tell me your names. >> calista. >> and michaela. >> where are you from? >> pennsylvania. >> i'm going to be sparkling all day long. let's start with a video out of the united kingdom. first of all, england, wales, more than 800 homes flooded in this one-two punch of powerful storms that moved through that area. you may have heard about this on the news headlines. these are the pictures. we had bad weather here.
8:10 am
they had bad weather there. today, just a little misty, drizzle, spitty rain that turns into snow, as well. there's accumulation in the areas in the shades of pink there. a quick look at the southern end of that storm, which will be the >> meanwhile, we're waiting for the snow. it's still rain. let's go back inside to -- >> lara. >> perfect. >> that's right. and pepe. here's a look at what's
8:11 am
coming up on our "gma morning menu." anna nicole smith's 6-year-old daughter, following in her model mom's footsteps. >> she's so pretty. "dancing with the stars" champ, donald driver, dishing on who he thinks will triumph in the ballroom. and a very special performance by dolly parton. >> i love dolly parton. >> it's a duet with a special guest, kermit. he's getting ready as we speak, right here. >> mi, mi, mi, mi, mi. >> he has a ways to go. it's all coming up on "good morning america," live in times square. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study
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citi price rewind. buy now. save later. to practice math more? i love math! but two ipads means two data plans? that's crazy. maybe not. with at&t mobile share, adding an ipad is just $10 a month. but honestly, mom and dad's love is all i really need. we should keep these for us. we should keep these. what?! [ male announcer ] at&t mobile share. add an ipad for just $10 a month. one plan. up to 10 devices. at&t. rethink possible. all right. we're back with the answer to our pop quiz. the question was, who said that you never know what's going to
8:17 am
come out of her mouth. and it's horrible. >> is it someone who is pregnant? >> no. >> the answer is jennifer lawrence. jennifer lawrence told "elle" magazine. is that shocking to you? >> no. i was just thinking -- >> pepe, thank you. we love you so much. we're going to turn to the brand-new look at anna nicole smith's 6-year-old daughter, dannielynn. 20 years ago, anna nicole became a supermodel with the guess jeans campaign. and abc news had an exclusive interview with dannielynn and her dad. >> reporter: she's the new face of guess kids. while it's this 6-year-old's new foray into modeling, her face might look familiar. some say she's the spitting
8:18 am
image of her mother, anna nicole smith. dannielynn berkhead is going into modeling. her father describes her as a happy-go-lucky kid, who goes to a regular school and models only for fun. >> my goal for her is to be a child. and do what all kids do. >> reporter: larry berkhead has been raising his child on his own since anna nicole died of an overdose in 2007. at the time, dannielynn was just 5 months old. >> dannielynn looks up to her mom. and this is dannielynn's way of paying tribute to her mom in her special way. >> reporter: the creative director for guess inc. released a statement saying that dannielynn has the same, playful spirit as her mother. >> for her to be next to her mother's, and say i'm a guess
8:19 am
girl. that might be her only connection with her mom. >> reporter: she's not the only youngster taking after her superstar mother by striking a pose. this it appears this is the latest fashion trend. supermodel moms with daughters attempting to fill their much larger and higher shoes. from cindy crawford, to christy turlington, to alex andra ambrosi ambrosia. dannielynn's campaign also stars peyton edmonds, the daughter of baby face. even though they're both young enough to have a bedtime and may need to resist the urge to say cheese when smiling for the camera, they appear to ready for their their close-ups. and will appear in magazines and on billboards and buses as early as january. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. it is time, everybody. "dancing with the stars." it was hot last night.
8:20 am
the ballroom really heating up. the finals kicking off last night. and the three finalists, putting their dance shoes on for the first-ever supersized freestyle. here with his reactions, last season's mirrorball champ, green bay packer, donald driver. hey, donald. so happy to have you with us. we want to get right to it. who do you think stole the show last night? >> i have to say, i think shawn johnson stole the show. i think shawn stole the show. especially when she brought it after the fab five was amazing. >> that was something we've never seen before. >> i've never seen that before. you know, sometimes you have to bring out all the tricks, especially when you're in this competition. they brought it all out. same thing i did when i won season 14.
8:21 am
and shawn did the same thing. >> what about that move when shawn climbed up on derek's shoulders. and they started to lean forward? what do you think about that? >> i was a little nervous. i thought she was going to fall. she's a great gymnast. she did a great job by rolling around. that's a trick that took the cake. >> you mentioned melissa. she is the only finalist who doesn't have a mirrorball trophy. and she got a perfect score last night, a 30. doesn't she deserve it? >> i think she deserved it. i was pulling for her because she seemed like she got better and better each week. she proved that she's the best. you know? when it comes to fan vote, shawn johnson has more fans than melissa does. >> and kelly and val. we have to mention them. they're good, too. it's a good season. >> it's a great season. i don't think it's better than season 14. but i got to say, it's a good
8:22 am
season. the best of the best. and the reason why i say that, i'm not -- the champion's not there. they should have had me there for season 15. it would have been great. >> you know what? we have to agree with you. i want to ask you. would you have done what shawn did, fully knowing she probably would get lower scores but breaking the rules because knowing it's what the fans would want, when she broke hold? >> that's what you have to do. you have to win over the fans. that's going to solidify the win for you. she took a risk, especially in that quick step. i'm hoping it pays off for her. >> it sounds like you think they've got it, that shawn's going to win. >> i didn't hear you. >> sorry. it sounds like you think they've got it, that shawn's going to win? >> i think shawn's going to win. i think shawn's going to win, especially because of the fan vote. if i had to put my money on it, i still want melissa to win. i want her to win her first mirrorball. >> donald, admittedly, i was suffering through the eagles and panthers on espn.
8:23 am
but, quickly, what are you doing? how are you keeping up? i know you're dancing right now and you're getting your wife in the mix? >> yeah. me and my wife is doing dancing with the all-stars here in green bay for the american red cross. to raise money for a great charity. we want to be a part of it. i'm the pro dancer. and my wife is the celebrity. i get to teach her how to dance. >> and still the champ. still the champ. >> everybody, don't miss it. a new champ will be crowned tonight on "dancing with the stars" all-stars. it starts at 9:00 tonight. here on abc. really big show. and then, of course, the biggest after-party tomorrow morning. all of the finalists, live with us in times square. it's time for our monthly mashup. a lot's happened here in america and at "good morning america" in the last month or so. we have the master himself. d.j. steve porter, squeezing the best moments into two minutes of fun. take a look.
8:24 am
>> are you ready to go? ♪ we are never, ever, ever ♪ getting back together we are never, ever, ever ♪ ♪ getting back together are you fired up ♪ ♪ so fired up the race to the white house ♪ ♪ so much reaction we're ready for it now ♪ ♪ look at your pension they got it going now ♪ ♪ i accept your nomination we've given our all ♪ ♪ to this election congratulations ♪ ♪ america's future big bird ♪ ♪ can you say that a little louder ♪ ♪ this is pop news the news that pops ♪ ♪ we are never, ever we're going to rock 'n' roll all night ♪ ♪ and party every day never, ever ♪ ♪ getting back together ♪ ain't no mountain high enough
8:25 am
good morning, oprah ♪ ♪ oprah what is going on ♪ ♪ with a twist ♪ i like your pumpkins treat and trick ♪ ♪ oh, my good morning, america ♪ ♪ the breeze it's my favorite place to be ♪ ♪ our dear friend, robin i'm here ♪ ♪ i can't wait to come back that's in half ♪ ♪ they are looking wild reare live ♪ ♪ with the song ha they have been ♪ ♪ lining up all week long ♪ ♪ we are never, ever, ever getting back together ♪ ♪ the campaign getting back together ♪ ♪ good morning, america that's how we roll ♪ ♪ we don't have to say we can have a good time ♪ ♪ thank you, america
8:26 am
>> thank you for getting up early. >> wow. always good stuff. speaking of good. speaking of great. coming up. >> dolly parton here, live. a performance from these, little folks. you don't want to miss. go nowhere. . good morning. traffic is being allowed in and out of treasure island again following a six hour police standoff.
8:27 am
last night officers tried to pull over a man in a stolen car they chased him to treasure island where residents were not allowed to leave or enter the island while the standoff continued. it ended after 5:00 when the man took his own life. >> sue checking on your morning commute. heavy traffic on the upper deck as a result of that all ramps to treasure island now open. several stalls on the upper deck, on the incline you can see result,ableable behind the toll into the macarthur maze. bart 10 minute -- delay due to a medical problem on the richmond line in the millbrae direction. cloudy out there we'll check in wit
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. 57 coast, 53 oakland plenty of cloud cover visibility reduced in the north bay from santa rosa to napa, elsewhere not bad we will hold on to a lot of cloud cover today, cooler with low 60s. last day ♪ islands in the stream that is what we are ♪ ♪ no one in between how can we be wrong ♪ ♪ sail away with me
8:30 am
to another world ♪ ♪ and we rely on each other uh-huh ♪ ♪ from one lover to another uh-huh ♪ that was fun. that was fun. >> dolly parton, kermit the frog. and a gaggle of chickens out there. that was fantastic. we'll hear more from dolly parton in a little bit. good morning, america. hope you're having a wonderful tuesday. good morning, miss piggy. can you say hello to robin roberts at home today? >> hello, robin. >> and pepe has a special message for robin. >> well, okay. robin, i love you. and i just want to say hello. >> we love you, robin. >> we all do. amy robach in for robin today. >> miss piggy is in for all of us. >> yes, she is. >> that's why i'm sitting here in the center. anchoring. >> i understand you want to make a few changes to the show, miss
8:31 am
piggy? >> yes, yes, i do. first of all, you're not really needed. >> that's it? i can go home? >> yes. yes. go home. please. take another vacation. >> and you want to make the show later in the day? i'm with you on that. >> oh, yeah. come on. getting up at 4:00 in the morning? give me a break. >> i can get behind that, miss piggy. >> all right. we'll discuss these changes. piggy coming up. we also want to talk about the great duet that kermit has with dolly. we have more singing ahead. and dolly opening up about her life. her looks. and her biggest regrets. it's in her brand-new book. a must-read. >> and dolly with them last time around was terrific. going to be great again. also terrific, betly white, valerie bertinelli. they're back with another season of "hot in cleveland." and cameron mathison got the scoop. what goes on behind the scenes
8:32 am
with some of tv's funniest ladies. first, we go out to sam and a check of our coat drive and the weather. >> we're out in times square. it's snowing in new jersey. we have a little rain. what's up with the furry character? >> this is punxsutawney phil. >> where are you guys from? >> punxsutawney, pennsylvania. >> you have one thing in common. you're kind of a group, right? >> we're the spanish 4 class from punxsutawney high school. >> thanks for coming here and bringing a little phil to the show. we want to update this year's warm coats and warm hearts coat drive. we've collected more than 21,962 coats. here's sisters, marla and michaela from bethany, connecticut. they're donating their coats in orange. they say they want to help people make it through a cold winter. we agree. we want to see your picture, if you're donating a gently-worn coat in your burlington store.
8:33 am
you can send it to us on twitter. you can use #warmcoats. we can get you more information on on yahoo! let's get to the boards. one or two things we want you to know about. we'll start with the pictures of the snow, in pennsylvania and through new jersey. here, we haven't gotten to a good hit of snow. we're on the moist side with the misty sprinkles here. here's what's going on on the west coast, wednesday to the end of the week. this is going to be a headline storm, folks. up to five, by the end of the week, there could be ten inches of rain coming. stay up with your west coast abc news stations. know how that is going to affect the end
8:34 am
>> we're ready for it. amy? >> all right, sam. thanks so much. let's talk about one of tv's hottest shows. it's heating up in a big way. the new season of the hit comedy, "hot in cleveland" premieres on wednesday. and cameron mathison got more than a behind-the-scenes look. he got to join the cast for an episode. take a look. >> reporter: four of the funniest women on the planet. ♪ some kind of wonderful >> reporter: since they landed in cleveland nearly three years ago, tv has never been hotter. >> we're all hot. you're all fabulous. you're all alone. see you later. i have a date. >> the first day we read this script around the table, we all went, oh, well. yeah. we all looked up and said, this
8:35 am
one feels right. >> reporter: when i was asked to play bill, boyfriend of jane leeves character, joy, i jumped at the chance. my character is a word-shortener -- >> a little bit annoying. but he's gorgeous. we can overlook it. >> reporter: the cast gets a few days to rehearse before taping in front of the audience. >> you have a wicked backhand. totally redic. >> thanks. i guess we live for the competish. >> reporter: i got the scoop on who goes on behind the scenes. who tells the dirty jokes? >> this one. it's true. >> reporter: who is most likely to crack up in a scene on the set? >> i don't feel as slutty as i look. i sound. [ laughter ] >> i signed up on my --
8:36 am
i signed up when my bender was over. in fact, that's my screen name. benderover. >> reporter: fingers crossed, i'll be able to keep a straight face now that after a week of rehearsals, the big day has finally arrived. a little last-minute studying, makeup and wardrobe. and i was ready to go. everyone got the ultimate stamp of approval. laughter from the audience. >> women and shelf life. >> you look incred for -- [ bleep ]. >> how could you? we never say that number. not even to each other. >> reporter: as you can see, my character certainly has a way with the ladies. it's more expedish. >> it can be the tiniest bit annoying. >> that's a little picky.
8:37 am
no wonder you have bad luck with men. >> reporter: the only bad thing, the night had to end. >> can we keep him? please, can we keep him? >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> cannot wait to see that episode. and the season premiere of "hot in cleveland" is this wednesday night on tv land. lara? we've had so much fun having the muppets take over "gma" all morning long. and right now, it is time for the first live performance of their brand-new holiday song, with some of our favorite muppet friends, and cee lo green. cee lo couldn't be here. but he sent his friend, loco. time, now, for "all i need is love."
8:38 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, may i introduce to you, cee lo green. ha, ha. >> what's up, guys? >> how you doing? >> what do you want for christmas? ♪ all i need is love do, do, do-do-do ♪ ♪ oh, yeah do-do, do-do ♪ ♪ all i need is love do, do, do-do-do ♪ ♪ yeah do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do ♪ ♪ diamonds on my mistletoe but that can't ♪ ♪ buy you love, you know yeah, i'd give it all away ♪ ♪ for just a chance to see your face ♪ ♪ i'd take a jet or hop a train ♪ ♪ or maybe rudolph knows the way, i don't know ♪ ♪ to where you are this christmas eve ♪ ♪ 'cause just one kiss is all i need ♪ ♪ santa, won't you come and get me ♪ ♪ and take me where i'll find my baby ♪ ♪ all i need is love do, do, do-do-do ♪ ♪ oh, for christmas
8:39 am
do-do, do-do ♪ ♪ all i need is love do, do, do-do-do ♪ ♪ do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do yeah ♪ ♪ all i need is la-la-love all i need is you, baby ♪ ♪ do, do, do-do-do all i need ♪ ♪ do-do, do-do is you, baby ♪ ♪ do, do, do-do-do, do-do-do do-do-do, do-do-do ♪ ♪ all i need all i need is la-la-love ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ someone please tell santa if you could ♪ ♪ that steamed, baked, or fried i'm always good ♪ ♪ i only stole one little heart this year ♪ ♪ but it was from a shrimp who really cares? ♪ ♪ it's time to make his list and check it twice ♪ ♪ so, i hope he likes his seafood naughty and nice ♪ ♪ if you got something bad to say about this crustacean ♪ ♪ you better clam up till after christmas vacation ♪ ♪ oh, oh, santa won't you come and get me ♪ ♪ i'm ready for my presents ♪ ♪ and take me where i'll find my baby? ♪ ♪ all i need is love do, do, do-do-do ♪ ♪ please, santa do-do, do-do ♪ ♪ all i need is love do, do, do-do-do ♪ ♪ yeah
8:40 am
do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do ♪ ♪ all i need is la-la-love all i need is la-la-love ♪ >> all right. >> great job, guys. coming up next, dolly parton, live. stay with us. >> thank you very much. thank you.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
speaking of great starts with big hearts, it's great to have dolly parton back with us here on "gma." she's a country music legend, selling a staggering 170 million records. and shnow, she's telling us mor in her new book, "dream more." i love the story about how this book came about. it was from an address at the university of tennessee. it wowed everybody. standing ovation. went completely viral. >> that was a big compliment.
8:44 am
i was nervous to do a commencement speech. being from east tennessee didn't hurt any. i had a lot of people on my side. and coming out with the song "rocky top," which is the theme song there, that didn't hurt much, either. i was nervous. it was a lot. >> it is the message inside the book. and so many people are going to be glad that you wrote it. but you write about the fact this book almost came out of a dare from your colleagues. >> well, it kind of did. after the speech did so well, and a lot of people said, you know, you should put this together. and expand on it more. do something else with it. that's what we did, through our foundation, the library, we teach dream more, be more and learn more. >> the lessons. >> if i take that and expand on those, and make chapters out of that. i did talk about all that in the commencement speech.
8:45 am
so, ted diller and mike dodson, said why don't we put this together. write a book. and i did. and all the money goes to the imagination library. >> everything is going to the foundation. and you've really lived these lessons. i love the story about your high school graduation. where you got up and told everybody, i am going to be a big country music star. and they just laughed. >> well, they did laugh. and at the time, it hurt my feelings and embarrassed me more than anything. but through the years, i've come to know they were just laughing because they weren't used to people dreaming that big. that is what this book is about. not being afraid to dream. >> and you talk about caring more. caring about being punctual. caring about the world around you. but my question is, how did you learn not to care? how did you learn not to care about the laughs or the people making fun? >> you have to do that. i had been used to that in my little -- i'm so famous for. the coat that i was so proud of
8:46 am
because momma told me it was the story of aunt joseph. but you have to take the good with the bad. and i'm sensitive. i'm a song writer. i have to stay sensitive. i can't harden my heart. that means i get hurt a lot. i learn to take all that and incorporate that back into the lessons. and it makes me feel -- be able to feel for everybody and give voice to feelings that a lot of people don't know how to express. >> got a lot of questions coming in on facebook and twitter. one came from julie. she wants to know, if dolly had to live her life over again, would she make the same choices? >> would you make the same mistakes? probably. and the same choices. actually, i would. how would one not live their life not the same way? there are things, of course, you think, well, maybe i should have done this different. but to change one thing could change everything. so, i -- >> you would rather have it.
8:47 am
>> i think we're not supposed to think like that. and i don't think like that. i do the best i can. try to bring as much joy and spread as much light as i can in the world. and hope for the best. i would do the same thing. >> what do you dream about today? >> i dream about the thing. i wish we could be a better world. i wish we could be happier and take better care of our planet and each other. of course, the selfish things i dream about, doing more. just doing more dreaming and having more successful businesses. but certainly, just being, to continue to be, a singer and a writer. and just do better at the things i do. but i just hope this world is on a better move. >> we're going to celebrate some dreams right now. you're going to come back and sing, "celebrate the dreamer." >> i did that once before. you loved the song. i'll do that song again for you. >> that would be great. >> okay. dolly
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
i cannot think of a better way to feel good this morning than to have dolly parton on the show. she's going to sing a song, "celebrate the dreamer in you." >> you're going to help me. >> okay. >> are you ready over there? ♪ now, there's a star in all of us ♪ ♪ we're all diamonds in the rough ♪ ♪ little engines chugging down the line ♪ ♪ and there are dreams we hold inside ♪ ♪ waiting till the time is right ♪ ♪ so, keep the faith you'll have your time to shine ♪ ♪ celebrate the dreamer in you ♪ ♪ 'cause only you can make it come true ♪ ♪ learn more, care more care and be more ♪ ♪ wishes do come true
8:51 am
celebrate the dreamer in you ♪ ♪ celebrate celebrate the dreamer in you ♪ ♪ feel your path allow nothing to distract ♪ ♪ the passion and desire inside your heart ♪ >> you'd think i'd know it. ♪ there's nothing you can't do there's no dream that can't come true ♪ ♪ with faith and love and just enough to start ♪ ♪ so, celebrate the dreamer in you ♪ ♪ celebrate 'cause only you can make it ♪ ♪ come true celebrate ♪ ♪ dream more, learn more care and be more ♪ ♪ wishes do some true celebrate the dreamer in you ♪ ♪ celebrate celebrate the dreamer in you ♪ ♪ just look around at those on top ♪ ♪ they held their dreams and never stopped ♪ ♪ the planet and fertile fields ♪ ♪ watched them as they grew
8:52 am
little proud and bold ♪ ♪ never faltered beneath their load saw their best nation through ♪ ♪ and you can, too celebrate the dreamer ♪ ♪ in you celebrate ♪ ♪ 'cause only you can make it come true ♪ ♪ celebrate learn more, care more ♪ ♪ care and be more wishes do come true ♪ ♪ celebrate the dreamer in you ♪ ♪ celebrate celebrate the dreamer in you ♪ ♪ celebrate celebrate the dreamer ♪ ♪ celebrate the dreamer celebrate the dreamer ♪ ♪ celebrate the dreamer in you celebrate the dreamer in you ♪ >> sorry i messed it up. but that's a fast line of words.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
check out this here. our thanks to dolly parton and the muppets. such a fun morning. tune in to abc tonight. big "dancing with the stars"
8:56 am
finale at 9:00. >> and the best after-party ever tomorrow morning. the new champion and all the finalists tomorrow morning, all in times square.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. much of the bay area has been
8:59 am
under clouds and fog. a major storm is on the way. visibility improving still in napa mile and a quarter 2 1/2 santa rosa 50s today dry ahead of this system offshore thunderstorms heavy rain and gusty winds by this time tomorrow. temperatures today held down with clouds 59 richmond, 63 in san jose. we have a bart delay 10 to 15 minutes on the richmond line millbrae direction due to a medical problem. san jose northbound 17 to southbound 280 tow truck on scene there. announcer: it's "live with kelly and he new film "the sessions," helen hunt. and a performance from singer, songwriter bryan adams. plus, the perfect present for the perfect hostess or host as

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